Monday, November 14, 2005

Item: Automatic writing attributed to a spirit entity identifying itself only as Ur. Transcribed by continental clairvoyant, Patrice Nunez, 4/7/07.

We filled buckets with the blood of our enemies! Red and black and green – for all who came before us were enemies, and all who came before us fell before the wrath of our terrible faces!

And all who beheld our wrathful aspect and fell before it were honored to offer the blood of their lives to the great and most terrible Shub i’ Rath!

He who dwells within the earth and deeper still inside we who were honored to partake of his body and serve his will most terrible and great. He who came from beyond the stars when the world was new. The Black Jelly! Shub i’ Rath!

He who grew inside our bodies and minds, beneath the fields, the crawling caverns! Shub i’ Rath! M ‘ylo hartep, Shub i’ Rath, ia! Hungry now and searching the reaches of time and space for you!

Transcribed by Richard Cody, 2005


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